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Home and Garden Show
Date: March 10-13
Location: Eugene Fairgrounds

Drug Take Back Boxes
Now available at several locations in Lane County for unwanted or expired medications
Date: Various
Time: Various
Location: Various

Pollution Prevention Tips
Idling wastes gas, pollutes the air, and is bad for your engine. When you start your car, warm up for 30 seconds and go.
source: www.fueleconomy.gov                    

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The Master Recycler News
A quarterly publication of the Lane County Master Recycler Program.
The EPA recently launched a new Green Products web tool designed to provide consumers with helpful information about everyday products. For more information visit: www.epa.gov/greenerproducts  

Did you know?
One quart of oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of water and can cause an 8 acre oil sheen!                   source: EPA
Welcome to the Lane County P2C
Looking for ways to reduce pollution in the home, at the office and around the community? You've come to the right place! This resource is designed to help you connect with the right information.
Get Involved
spacer The Lane County Master Recycler Program is each Spring and Fall in Eugene/Springfield area, and Winter in a rural community. Participants will learn who's who in Lane County's recycling industries, and how to make a difference in our sustainable future. The course is free for students that join the volunteer corps for at least 30 hours the following year.

spacer Did you enjoy tinkering with electronics as a kid? If so, you may find Nextstep's volunteer opportunites of interest. Help is needed dismantling electronic hardware and recreating new systems from donated parts. Best of all, your efforts will keep e-waste out of the landfills. more... Volunteer

Community Spotlight
Mountain Rose Herbs

Taking a zero waste approach to waste management is gaining traction around the area. Learn how one local company has incorporated a zero waste philosophy into their everyday business practices. more...

Want to find out more about zero waste strategies? Visit the The Zero Waste Alliance.

Around The Home
Small choices add up when it comes to saving money and keeping the environment clean. Learn to use less and choose wisely and you?ll be a winner when it comes to your home, garden and street.

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