General Practices

  • Maintain a clean organized work area to minimize spills.
  • Label all containers and keep them closed when not in use.

  • Know where your drains lead. Keep all wastes out of storm water drains and all chemicals or waste water chemicals out of septic systems.

Storage and Inventory Control

  • Purchase products that have multiple uses.
  • Properly store all materials and have a spill control plan if fluids are involved.

  • Buy only what you need, when you need it. Reduce inventory in storage and accumulation of products.

Waste Prevention

  • Distribute employee communications (newsletters, memos, etc) electronically, rather than in hard copy format.
  • Copy and print double-sided whenever possible. Avoid printing e-mails.

  • Reuse envelopes, filing folders, hanging files, and other office supplies.

  • Use paper efficiently in printers by reducing margins, line spacing and font size.

  • Keep a desk-side box for recycling office paper.

  • Use e-mail to handle phone messages, internal correspondence, and inter-office communications, including document transfers to clients.