The Automotive Services Program recognizes vehicle service and repair businesses and shops that reach the highest standards in minimizing their environmental impact. The goal of the program is to prevent and minimize pollution generated by small businesses in the Lane County area. This is one of the first multimedia (air, water, solid waste) automotive services certification programs in the nation.


  • Become an EcoBiz Automotive Shop
    If your auto shop meets local environmental requirements and takes extra, voluntary steps to help protect the environment, we'll certify it as an Ecological Business. The Northwest Automotive Trades Association (NATA) and the Pollution Prevention Coalition, a group of pollution prevention experts from eight Lane County-area agencies, sponsor this program. For technical information, shops are encouraged to use "Keep Your Shop in Tune," a handbook that outlines the Best Management Practices to control and prevent pollution for automotive shops and related industries. The guidebook has many steps and tips your shop can take to reduce water and air pollution, and hazardous and solid waste.

    When you request an application you will receive a guidebook, "Keep your shop in Tune." Also included is a self-test "Check List" of program eligibility criteria. This is the same list we use for certification visits.

    Once your shop meets environmental requirements and takes voluntary steps to help protect the environment, we'll let your customers and the community know about it. To learn what needs to be done to become a certified Ecological Business, call (541) 682-8625 or email EcoBiz.

  • Find an Auto Shop
    For a list of certified Ecological Program auto shops in Lane County, click here.