Community Spotlight

It’s official. Mayor Lucy Vinis named Hummingbird Wholesale as the 2019 Bold Steps winner.

The Bold Steps Award recognizes Eugene-based sustainable businesses, and represents a partnership between The City of Eugene, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis and BRING’s RE:think Business program. For the City of Eugene, sustainability means considering and balancing all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity – to address the community’s present needs without compromising future generations. The Bold Steps award recognizes businesses that embody this vision and are taking bold steps in each area of the triple bottom line.

To qualify for consideration for the Bold Steps award, businesses must be certified through the RE:think program, offered through BRING Recycling.

Pollution Prevention tips

Help protect your family’s health and the environment by choosing safer products. Learn more through the safer choice program.

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Choosing energy efficient products can save families about 30% ($400/year)